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Teacher Externship

How many times have you heard a student ask, “When will I ever use this?” The Alabama STEM Council’s “STEM Teacher Externship Program” aims to help teachers answer that age-old question.

The STEM Externship program is a 3-5 day experience.  During this time, educators work side-by-side with knowledgeable and skilled industry employees who help bring the classroom practices to life.  Educators are exposed to real-world, STEM-rich businesses/industries to help them prepare students for careers they may have in the future.

Teachers participating in the STEM Externship Program at Avanti Polar Lipids
The goals of the STEM Teacher Externship Program are to:

2024 Teacher Externship Applications

We are excited about this year’s Externship program. Select the application form that reflects your interest. 
Deadline May 1, 2024.

Program Details

Teacher Externs

The STEM Teacher Externship program is open to high school teachers that instruct STEM classes (Science courses, technology, computer science, engineering, mathematics courses, etc). Career Technology and Education teachers instructing a STEM or STEM-related course may also participate. This includes, but is not limited to, construction, manufacturing, information technology, agri-science, construction, health sciences, etc. 

Teacher Externs:

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a teacher extern, please complete this application form.

Program Details

Business & Industry Partners

The STEM Teacher Externship Program (STEP) is also looking for business and industry partners to serve as extern worksite hosts during our summer programs. Each year companies are encouraged to sign up as a worksite partner.

Worksite hosts can come from a variety of STEM-related industries, such as manufacturing (traditional or advanced), agriculture, transportation, power/water/gas utilities, colleges/universities, aerospace, healthcare, construction, and much more!

If you or your organization are interested in learning more about serving as a worksite host, please complete this interest form.

The Worksite Externship Host plan and facilitate an experience that includes the following:

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