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Engaging and Interactive 30-minute TV Series focusing
on how Science and Technology is applied

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Concept Description
  • Engaging and interactive 30-minute TV episodes focusing on how science and technology is applied across Alabama.
  • Highlight core concepts of STEM, based on curriculum content from the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI), through experiments and demonstrations conducted by science educators from across the state
    • Each episode includes a “Career Spotlight” in which an Alabama STEM professional will share their career path, from first interest to education and internships leading into the job they love.
    • Career content will be formatted to be used independently from the show, in classrooms, or other applicable uses.
  • Episodes co-hosted by a team of 4 Alabama youth
    • Hosts and co-hosts represent a cross-section of Alabama
    • Youth co-hosts each receive $5,000 student 529 scholarship
  • Series of (26) 30-minute episodes
  • Core audience: Youth ages 8-14 in Alabama
  • Based on a highly successful 26-week show produced by Mike Ousley Productions and aired on WSMV TV NBC 4 in Nashville, TN.
    • Adventure Science TV was shot at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, TN
    • Ratings for the show increased on Saturdays at 10:00am. 41% over the NBC network programming.  The TV station aired the 26-episodes twice more due to the high success.  Science Teachers requested to use the shows in class.Teacher and student performing an experimentSTEM fire experiment

To support the inclusion of diverse and compelling STEM images, stories, and positive messages in mainstream entertainment media in order to help promote greater diversity in the STEM workforce.

For Alabama youth to see professionals in Alabama in roles of scientists, engineers, technologists, and mathematicians, to help develop self-identity in those roles and overcome ethnic/gender stereotyping.

  • Ignite interest in the study of STEM topics
  • Increased awareness of STEM careers in Alabama
  • Highlight STEM-focused organizations located in Alabama

Content Partners

Alabama STEM Council
Project Sponsor

Alabama Department of Education/AMSTI
Curriculum Consultant

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology
Project Coordinator

Southern Research
Project Coordinator

U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Location and Content Partner

McWane Science Center
Location and Content Partner

Flight Works Alabama
Location Partner

Alabama State University Center for NanoBiotechnology
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