STEM Industry
Externship Program

Sponsored by the Governor’s STEM Workforce Development Council

Program Purpose

Provide educators with externship experiences in STEM-based industries, deepening the connection between the workplace and the classroom.

Through direct experience, visualization, interaction with industry experts and shop floor engagement, educators will learn about important workplace skill requirements, trends, best practices, and technology and tools needed for success in today’s STEM-based career fields.  This knowledge will transform learning in the classroom and the teacher’s ability to connect content with student interests and career pathways.

The Role of an
Employer Host

The role of an Employer Host is to provide an educator or small group of educators (based on capacity) with a 1-3 day, on-site, experiential learning opportunity in your place of business. This visit should consist of the following 8 aspects.

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Safety first. The teacher extern should be trained in and follow all safety protocols while on your premise. This will also be part of their education and will aid in classroom instruction.

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A deeper understanding of why soft skills are important in the workplace.

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Be open to and encourage questions to deepen understanding.

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A tour of departments and operations, along with an explanation of what happens in each area and the importance thereof. Show interdependencies and alignments where possible.

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An overview of your business, including products, markets, customers, mission and values, and a basic understanding of the production and distribution process.

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Allow hands-on application opportunities to reinforce learning when/where applicable.

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An overview of career pathways, educational requirements, workplace culture and behavioral expectations.

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Allow engagement opportunities for the educators to meet with team members at all levels of the organization to understand their roles and their career paths, as these stories may resonate with and inspire students.

Creating Wins

Through this collaborative effort between industry and education, we intend to attract and engage more young people into STEM-based career fields than ever before.  What better way to reach them than to provide expanded industry-based educational opportunities to the educators, who can then apply their newfound learning in the classroom and inspire young minds.


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Summer 2021 Externship
JULY 13-15, 2021

Applications are now open for secondary science and math teachers to secure one of these externship placements.  Completed applications must be submitted by email to info no later than 5pm on Friday, June 11, 2021. 

Selected teachers will be notified within a week of the closing of applications and be placed with three (3) employers in their workforce region for one day each.

Participants will receive a $500 stipend from the STEM Council in return for participation and to defray any travel costs they incur visiting industry sites.